We provide technical and consulting services in

Structural analysis

CiABIM has considerable experience in the field of structural design. Having the appropriate engineering theoretical background, we have participated in the structural design of ideal projects worldwide. We always retain a high level of sophisticated usage of the latest structural analysis software tools in our structural design services.

Our engineers remain dedicated to the vital scope of the project concerning all safety and stability rules. We provide high quality services in structural analysis from the very beginning of the project (conceptual design) to its final stage (detailed design).

Steel connection design

As our engineers have the necessary experience to evaluate the results of the analysis, they are able to make all the necessary calculations in order to design the steel nodes of any structure.

No matter how complex a steel connection may be, by combining IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures we can achieve the optimum design results and provide high quality services. All calculations are always following the project specifications.

Detailed engineering

Steel structures in all fields need an overall approach regarding the final shop drawings for fabrication. CiABIM achieves optimization between design and construction through high quality steel detailing services. We have an ultimate experience in the usage of Tekla Structures in order to get the job done.

We always fulfil the detailing needs of our projects. The head members of our company stay focused in the detailed design, always meeting the deadlines of the projects. High quality 3D model steel structures and shop drawings are the field of our specialization.

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling is the superior design process in the modern technical world. Being familiar with the structural BIM software Tekla Structures we offer our clients the desired level of BIM services. Our company has established partnerships in all fields of BIM design (Architectural and MEP).

Structural BIM

We combine the structural analysis results and the detail engineering services with the desired BIM level of the project. Worldwide, all large scale projects need this approach of design and CiABIM engineers have the ability to offer this service to their clients. We trust Tekla Structures as our leader BIM software tool.

BIM Coordination

For the sake of consistency of the overall BIM services of our company, we provide all other significant aspects of BIM design and we act as BIM coordinators. Architectural and MEP BIM design are always part of our services as we have external partners, who are leaders in these specific domains of design.

Façade engineering

The Architectural spirit of the modern technical world seeks for flexible constructability expertise in design. CiABIM engineers have participated in façade engineering projects and have gained significant experience. In collaboration with our partner DAE S.A. we finalize an ideal structural façade project, “The Oval Limassol – Steel Cladding”. We are confident that in the near future we will participate in similar projects.

CiABIM is always interested in challenging and technically complex façade projects.

Project management

CiABIM has established long term co-operation with steel fabricators. The efficient potential from our collaboration with the sub-contractors is that we have the management control of the projects in terms of BIM coordination. Especially in steel structures, we use the software Tekla Structures in order to maintain the desired optimization between civil design and construction – erection. We help the fabricator minimize the time schedule of the construction and earn surplus value from the proper usage of the material during the production of the steel assemblies.

Furthermore, we may act as coordinators between the client and the main contractor of the project, regarding the overall construction management.